Water Garden / Pond Design Consultation Services

We feel that the design phase of your project is the single most important phase to ensure a
successful water feature installation. Whether you are planning on tackling the job yourself or you are
looking for a qualified pond installation contractor; one of the first and most important steps in getting
the water feature of your dreams created is a custom Design Consultation

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On Site Pond Design Consultations

An on site pond / Water Garden design consultation is a very good investment of your time and money if you
are serious about installing a water feature in your landscape or upgrading an existing water feature. Once
you contact us we will document some basic information about your project and schedule you an appointment
hours. We strongly recommend that you plan a time so that the entire family (kids included) can be involved
in the initial design consultation. We will spend enough time with you and your family to discuss your water
feature project in detail and to answer any questions/concerns you may have. Topics that will be discussed

Why do you want a water garden?

How will your family use and interact with the water garden?

What is your long term plan for the project area?

What is your budget for your overall landscape project?

What portion of your budget are you anticipating spending on your water garden?

Discussing a project budget is a crucial part of the initial pond design phase; this will give us a basis for your
design as well as familiarize ourselves with each other so we can maximize the design segment of our
consultation. Additionally we will be prepared to answer any questions you have about the project or our
company in general. After all questions from both sides have been addressed we will proceed to the location
that you have in mind for your water Feature. It is important that we have a fluid relationship at this time.
Sometimes we will suggest other areas of the yard that you may have not considered as potential sites. This
is the “creative” part of our consultation. We will interactively discuss possible pond designs/locations and
together agree upon a location and design for your water feature. It is important that you keep in mind that
you are paying us to offer suggestions, familiarize you with our company, explain the installation process and
help design your water feature. However, this is your home and ultimately your decision on which design
suggestion you are going to be happy with.

Once a design has been decided on we will take some measurements and in most cases be able to provide
you with a detailed quote for installing your water feature that day The last step is to schedule your
installation date and sign contracts. Upon completion of our design consultation process you will clearly see
the value of our expertise and the initial investment that we place into your project designs.

Detailed Project Quotes/Drawings (Nominal Fee)
For larger or more elaborate projects we will need to do a more detailed design and quote for your project.
We will schedule a follow up consultation to go over the quote and produce project drawings for your detailed

What is requested of you?
Once you have contacted us and scheduled a consultation you will receive a welcome letter/email from us.
We strongly advise you to take the time to review these materials prior to our consultation. This will help
familiarize you with our company and our pond design and pond installation philosophies. Additionally, we
have placed a lot of time and money in providing you a wealth of knowledge and information on our website
pertaining to our company and design philosophies. You should take advantage of this information as it will
provide us more time to spend on the specifics of your project during our design consultation
Neptune's Water Gardens has a wide variety of products, equipment, herbicides, and algaecides available for the treatment and control of nuisance aquatic plants and algae. However, many of our products are designed for all-
Neptune's Water Gardens is the premier water feature design and installation company in the Omaha Metro area. Our naturally balanced, low-maintenance ecosystem ponds work with Mother Nature, not against her. We pride
ourselves in creating water features that appear to have always existed in their surrounding landscape.  Whether you choose an ecosystem pond, decorative fountainscape, Pondless® Waterfall or the new RainXchange™
System that pairs a rainwater harvesting system with a decorative water feature – you'll be thrilled with the sight and sound that water brings to your landscape. From trees to shrubs; patios to retaining walls, the experienced
designers and craftsman at Neptune's Water Gardens will be able to bring all of your outdoor living ideas to reality .  

Serving the Omaha Metro Area and Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa . Services include pond help, pond cleaning and repair, pond and water feature maintenance, boulder bubblers and fountains, water garden and koi pond
design and installation, pondless and disappearing waterfall design and installation, landscape design installation and maintenance,  Stone and paver patios and retaining walls .