Seasonal Water Feature Maintenance

Our seasonal services are focused around the late Fall and early Spring.

Spring: Our staff will catch the fish, drain water, clear pond and stream of all debris, trim plants,
power wash rocks, check for leaks around the pond's edge, install pump, tweak waterfall/stream,
check fittings, replace underwater light bulbs, install new filters (as needed), add water, add water
additives for fish health, and release the fish.

Fall: Our staff will perform all services upon request from complete cleaning like Spring service,
covering the pond with leaf netting, or a simple winter prep for the season. Winter preparation is
achieved by installing a devise for maintaining constant flow for the safe hibernation of fish. Such
devises are either a fountain de-icing kit or winter return deicer kit.

Clean Out Service Estimate: $50 service call charge includes first man hour. $50 per man hour
thereafter. As needed, material costs extra. Average clean out (11'x16' pond at 2' deep) takes 8
man hours. Labor, filter material, lights, and water additives for fish average; total clean out cost =

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Neptune's Water Gardens has a wide variety of products, equipment, herbicides, and algaecides available for the treatment and control of nuisance aquatic plants and algae. However, many of
our products are designed for all-natural preventative maintenance. We also sell and install fountains, aerators, and bottom diffusers for aeration and decorative purposes.

Neptune's Water Gardens is the premier water feature design and installation company in the Omaha Metro area. Our naturally balanced, low-maintenance ecosystem ponds work with Mother
Nature, not against her. We pride ourselves in creating water features that appear to have always existed in their surrounding landscape.  Whether you choose an ecosystem pond, decorative
fountainscape, Pondless® Waterfall or the new RainXchange™ System that pairs a rainwater harvesting system with a decorative water feature – you'll be thrilled with the sight and sound that
water brings to your landscape. From trees to shrubs; patios to retaining walls, the experienced designers and craftsman at Neptune's Water Gardens will be able to bring all of your outdoor living
ideas to reality .  

Serving the Omaha Metro Area and Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa . Services include pond help, pond cleaning and repair, pond and water feature maintenance, boulder bubblers and
fountains, water garden and koi pond design and installation, pondless and disappearing waterfall design and installation, landscape design installation and maintenance,  Stone and paver patios
and retaining walls .
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have serviced your pond in the past or if we installed your pond we can give you a cost for your
clean out once you have contacted us. If you are a new customer we will require a Pond Profile to
familiarize ourselves with your pond and to give you an accurate Spring Pond Maintenance price. If
you would like to hire Neptune's Water Gardens to perform your spring maintenance services
please fill out the form

Some of you know what this entails, but for those that are new to water gardening here is the
FIRST  (and most importantly!) get your name on the Spring Cleanout roster. We service dozens
of water gardens beginning when the ice thaws, so waiting is NOT your best option!

We will call or email you (from the info you provide on the info form) prior to your cleanout to
confirm exactly what services and products you will require.
On cleanout day, be sure to have your garden hose outside (and the water turned on!), waterfall
pump(s) and other components readily available and your water garden electrical outlet turned on.

Neptune's Water Gardens will now get down & dirty with your water feature! We will drain the
water (temporarily housing the fish if you have them). The next step is to give the water feature a
quick pressure washing and rinse (we don’t want to remove every bit of the beneficial Bio-Film).
Once washed down they will trim back and fertilize aquatic plants, check and replace underwater
light bulbs or fixtures, re-adjust rocks & gravel and finally install the waterfall pump.  When all of
this is finished, they will begin refilling the water feature (and re-introducing your fish if you have
them).  Any required water treatment products will be left for you.
If your water garden includes a pond with fish, upon finishing your cleanout they will refill the pond
with enough water to re-introduce your fish.  YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FINISHING THE
charge you to stay there while your pond fills :)

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