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Landscape Design, Installation, and Maintenance Services

Installing landscaping around your home adds beauty and value. Adding plant materials, boulders and pavers help create
an environment that can be enjoyed for years to come.

The first phase is to meet with our landscape designers to customize a plan that is pleasing as well as affordable.
Landscaping can be done in phases such as beginning with the front of your home and adding the sides and rear at later
dates. Plant selection will be discussed upon your initial visit such as your likes and dislikes, color preferences, shading
and screening to name a few. Once our designers have a good understanding for your needs; a blueprint plan will be
drawn and presented to you. This is the time to interact with the designer, ask questions, add or delete until you are
comfortable with your design.

The second phase is the actual installation. The time frame to complete your job will be discussed giving you an idea as to
how long an area will be in disarray. Our crews will install exactly to your design specifications so you know you are getting
what was agreed upon. We guarantee our crews will be professional and courteous to you and your surroundings.

The third phase will be educating you on the proper watering instructions for your newly planted materials. This is
essential to promote root growth and overall plant health. An initial watering is done at completion of the installation
however it is up to you to properly maintain them.

Neptune's Water Gardens also offers landscape maintenance programs to suit your needs. If you want a
worry-free environment, this is the way to achieve it.

Neptune's Water Gardens offer many options for the hardscape elements of a
landscape. Whether you're planning to add a deck, a patio, or decorative
walls, Neptune's Water Gardens has you covered. Our professional crew is
experienced, knowledgeable and committed to quality workmanship.  When
planning hardscape installation, Neptune's Water Gardens is careful to plan
and account for possible damage to the existing site; check utility and water
line placement, soil condition and safe equipment access.  Most hardscape
installation involve important advance planning.  Construction drawings are
the project. Local building codes may need to be consulted to determine the
legality of the project.


Decks and patios are a popular way to create a welcoming environment and
gathering place for employees, guests and visitors.  Neptune's Water
Gardens offers a variety of decks, patios, and hardscapes which add visual
appeal, and functionality to your home.  Accent driveways, courtyards, or
patios with a custom-designed hardscape solution to add beauty and natural
appeal to your residence.

Waterscapes offer a functional way to add beauty and elegance to any
landscape or property.  Neptune's Water Gardens is a full service water
gardening center offering design, construction, supplies and accessories under
one roof. Our Waterscape services offer a large variety of aquatic plants, koi
and goldfish varieties, quality pond supplies, fountains and unique garden
accessories.  At Neptune's Water Gardens, we offer clients the highest quality
of service in the water gardening industry. Our primary objective and utmost
desire is to satisfy our clients. We provide and deliver a quality products and
services and exhibit pride in our work.


Exterior & Landscape Lighting
Highlight your business with exterior lighting and create dramatic effects that
bring your property to life at night. Neptune's Water Gardens offers full-service
exterior lighting solutions for residential customers looking to enhance the
visual appeal of the property.
natural preventative maintenance. We also sell and install fountains, aerators, and bottom diffusers for aeration and decorative purposes.

Neptune's Water Gardens is the premier water feature design and installation company in the Omaha Metro area. Our naturally balanced, low-maintenance ecosystem ponds work with Mother Nature, not against her. We pride
ourselves in creating water features that appear to have always existed in their surrounding landscape.  Whether you choose an ecosystem pond, decorative fountainscape, Pondless® Waterfall or the new RainXchange™
System that pairs a rainwater harvesting system with a decorative water feature – you'll be thrilled with the sight and sound that water brings to your landscape. From trees to shrubs; patios to retaining walls, the experienced
designers and craftsman at Neptune's Water Gardens will be able to bring all of your outdoor living ideas to reality .  

Serving the Omaha Metro Area and Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa . Services include pond help, pond cleaning and repair, pond and water feature maintenance, boulder bubblers and fountains, water garden and koi pond
design and installation, pondless and disappearing waterfall design and installation, landscape design installation and maintenance,  Stone and paver patios and retaining walls .