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Seasonal Color
A large house and property demands a large and dramatic focal point.  Although it
would be easy to pile up huge sums of soil and rock to create such a monstrosity,
the water feature should appear as natural and purposeful as possible.  The
clients were looking for more than just a backyard water feature, they wanted an
experience.  To create this experience we brought in 75 tons of Shadow Grey
and glacial granite boulders, along with rock and gravel to form the substrate of
the pond.  Hundreds of tons of soil were used to create a gradual and visually
pleasing berm that provides the height and presence for the look that we desire.  
Three head waters converge to create one broken twenty foot wide waterfall as it
enters the pond.  
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"Best Waterfall " Sloan Residence, Elkhorn, Nebraska
Originally planned to be a pondless waterfall, discussions headed in the
direction of a koi pond.  The waterfall and berm was pushed back in the
design and long narrow, river like pond emerged.  In order to adequately filter
the pond to ensure it would continue to look pleasing while supporting a
school of koi, two types of bog/wetland filters were incorporated into the
pond itself.  The deeper wetland filter on the left side of the feature will house
aquatic marginal plants and grasses, and the fish will be able to swim
amongst the plants picking off the critters and micro-organisms enjoying
the freshly filtered water.  The skimming cove on the right side of the pond
draws in water from the surface sweeping floating debris in with it.  This water
is drawn through AquaBlox® into the pump vaults where the 4- Tsurumi 9PL
Pumps are working to distribute water throughout the system.  Waterfall
Spillways start our waterfalls at the top flowing down the stream and pond lined
with geotextile underlayment and EPDM rubber liner.  Bore holes present in
some of the boulders were plumbed to bubbling features.  LED lights shine in
the pond and on the waterfall at night creating a dazzling display. Water lilies
and fish caves provide protection for the koi and goldfish.  To assist in
maintance an Automatic Dosing and an IonGen™ System are installed.
Jason Heller Runner Up for 2017
The initial waterfall is started by two Signature Series™ BioFalls® filters, which are
fed by an AquaSurge® PRO 4000-8000 Pump, which is housed in a Pondless®
Waterfall Vault surrounded by AquaBlox® forming a skimming cove.  A second
AquaSurge® 5000 Pump feeds the weathered limestone bubbler as well as adding
additional flow to the stream and lower waterfall.  A
n Ultra™ Pump 1100 feeds the
bronze fountain pieces, utilizing an in-line filter to strain out any small debris and
individual valves to control the flow.  The pond is lined with 45 mil epdm rubber and
geotextile underlayment.  The vertical walls, waterfalls, and outcroppings are
composed of weathered limestone and granite fieldstone is used to cover the

liner in the pond and stream.
"Most Artistic " Hoich Residence, Valley, Nebraska
A black hills flagstone sitting wall blends into the weathered limestone
outcropping and provides a visually stunning and level place to sit and

enjoy the fish in the stream, while also enjoying the pond and the lake that
lies in the distance.  Sealed LED light fixtures shine under the water while
antique bronze finish landscape lights wash the area and highlight points

of interest.  The skimmer cove sweeps in the leaves and debris, which can
easily be removed from the river pebble covering the AquaBlox®.  An
Automatic Dosing System helps keep the pond in balance and healthy
for its koi and goldfish residents.  Aquatic plants aid in filtration and
provide protection for the fish from airborne predators.
The homeowner decided to move from in town out to a lake
community to serve as his last house and a place to retire if he
ever chooses to.  He has had water features and koi ponds at
each of his previous properties, and despite living on a lake,
and having an existing pondless waterfall, he wanted a place
to relax and feed his fish every evening after work.  We set
out to create a visually stunning and relaxing entertainment
space for his friends and family to enjoy after a day of boating
or fun on the beach.  It was important to myself and the client to
produce a high quality look working with the exiting grade to
present a natural looking feature appearing as if the surrounding
house and landscape was built around the existing pond and
waterfall.  The client has many bronze fountain pieces that he
has collected over the years and we created a space in the
upper stream to show case these pieces without cluttering up
the space.  He also wanted to create a very natural space to
encourage birds and butterflies, and not over planting to keep
the long beach vista views intact.
From a comfortable perch on the
flagstone sitting wall, one can admire
koi dashing around the boulder bubbler
and along the deep, slow-moving
stream adorned with whimsical bronze
fountains. Weathered limestone ledges
mimic the naturally eroded waterfalls
found throughout the nearby region.